sports reports term 3 week 9


Team Date of Game Result SASC Player of the Match
SASC 12 12 September
SASC 13 RED 12 September
SASC 13 BLUE 12 September
SASC 13 WHITE 12 September
SASC U/14 12 September

Under 6 Collies

What a beautiful afternoon it was for a game of soccer. Thank you to all participants for arriving promptly and for all your efforts in taking on the Macquarie Panthers. I am in awe of the skill development each week and the level of enthusiasm demonstrated by this team. This week a special mention must go to Isabella Munns who scored a spectacular goal. Her game awareness and effort continues to improve every week. Please note that the Collies do not have a game next weekend as they have the bye. The next game for the Collies will take place on Saturday 26th, September which is the first Saturday of the Term Three school holidays.

Under 7 Merinos

This week was by far our best game. The Merinos played Panorama FC Red this week. We started right from kick off playing an attacking and defending game and were able to use our skills to ensure a wonderful and fun game. Our defence by all players was excellent and we stopped many goals by the opposition by tackling consistently, and keeping the ball in our own half. We scored the most goals of the season today with Billy scoring 6 and Thomas scoring 1. Liam and Tamil were keen to attack and consequently helped our team hold the ball for most of the game. Mackenzie showed great team spirit, passing the ball to her team mates. You are a pleasure to coach and I love to see the growth and team spirit you show each week! Next Saturday the SASC Merinos play Abercrombie FC at 2pm at the Police Paddock.

Mrs Jennie White

Under 7 Roos

There were mixed feelings for The Roos last Saturday at Police Park. For the first time in the season, they were versing another Scots All Saints team, and their friends, ‘The Emus’. Despite The Emus showing great talent in the attack and the defence, the Roos kept bringing out the skills they’ve been working all this season, which helped them to leave the match with a win. The Roos had 3 balls go through the goal, yet we were only able to count 1 – one was on offside and the other just bounced off the inside net of the goal and went out again. This was a remarkable match, giving the spectators some nail-biting moments and some truly enjoyable entertainment. Well done Roos and well done Emus!!!

Mrs Yani Lenehan

Under 7 Emus

This was our toughest match by far . Every player gave their all, we didn’t manage to score a goal but we got close quite a few times. We defended the goal beautifully, the ball only slipped past us once. We had some beautiful kicks and our passing was spot on. Chasing the ball after we kick it we will continue to work on but over all was a champion effort by both teams!!

Under 8 Honeyeaters

Honeyeaters had a great first half on the weekend only to be a little tired in the second half through having no subs. But it did not stop them trying the whole game, there enthusiasm and never say die attitude is really commendable. Ella jane & Elizabeth are positioning themselves well up front now and Charlotte & Jacob never let the ball out of there sight. In the middle. Joel, Rhys & Hayden being very quick and solid in defence with Rhys taking player of the match with his ever improving Skillset. See you at training Honeyeaters!

Andrew Morcom,

Under 10s

The Mighty Under 10s played their game of the season on Saturday. The 10s played with two of their teammates unavailable which meant they took the field one player down. Alex opened the scoring in the first half and Harrison did a great job as goalkeeper in the first half to limit the scoring to 1-1 at half time. Nicholas put on the goal keeper shirt in the second half and despite a couple of early goals ploughing through, he rose to the occasion making some great saves and kicking us out of trouble. Felix and Mason did an outstanding job in the backs in the second half to limit scoring opportunities for Eglinton. With 10 minutes to go Eglinton led 3-1. Felix, Mason and Emily stepped up a notch and gave some quality ball to Charlie and Alex up- front. Alex scored his scored and moments later Charlie levelled the scores. Despite some fatigue setting in from playing a player down the 10s continued to defend like their lives depended on it. With seconds remaining on the clock, Mason moved into the forward line to score his first ever goal and claim a 4-3 victory. It was an unbelievable moment and an important lesson in playing until the final siren. Well done 10s on never giving up.

Anthony Roohan

Under 12s

The under 12 girls had their last game over the weekend. Playing strongly and showing improved skills throughout the season the girls ended with a competitive game. Sadly we came away with a loss, but all the girls played amazingly! All of the girls played a full game as we had no subs on Saturday, despite this they all pushed hard through the full hour long game. Players player went to Piper Henry, who sent some amazing balls down the wing with Ruby Thorne, both came close to scoring particularly in the first half. It’s been a great season for the girls and I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching them!

Phoebe Reynolds

Under 13 Red

In an epic clash SASC defeated 1st place Collegians 2-0 with goals coming from both the smallest players on the team Spencer Ratcliffe and Bryce Host. Bryce’s efforts in defence were also notable and he earned himself man of the match for his efforts.

Under 14

The weekend’s game against Bathurst 75 Royals was one where, with a semi berth locked in, the result only changed around the position in the top four. With two players missing, the team at least verbally committed to pursue the style of play needed to win against the opponents in the finals. However, the reality was the subconscious had taken over and the performance did not correlate with the ability and progress shown during the season. Some lax defence and commitment saw us down a quick goal only to recover one just as quickly. This pattern repeated itself in short time to level the score at two apiece before the opposition continued on with the game and we dropped off the pace, unwilling at times to make the effort needed to cover in defence once the ball was lost. The unflattering final 7-2 score-line being by far the biggest defeat of the season, having only lost by a goal in any other match. It was not that the team played badly all game and indeed made many chances and at times showed the form that will be needed next weekend but lapses in concentration and effort against the top sides may be heavily penalised. Nevertheless, with our bad game out of the way and returning players, the team has a great opportunity to progress to the final next weekend having both the skill and understanding to triumph. Player of the match was Cooper Tribolet who made some great saves and without much cover was busy all day putting his body on the line defending a constant barrage of opposition shots.

Mark Kamper


Team Date of Game Result SASC Player of the Match
SASC LIONS 12th September
SASC 12 GOLD 12th September
SASC 12 EMERALD 12th September W. 11 – 4 Clare McKay / Grace White
SASC 14 RED 12th September W. 26 – 22 Team Effort which takes them into the Grand Final
SASC 14 BLUE 12th September
SASC 14 WHITE 12th September
SASC 16 Red 12th September
SASC 16 Navy 12th September
SASC 16 Blue 12th September
SASC Colts 12th September Bye
SASC 3rd V11 12th September
SASC 2nd V11 12th September
SASC 1st V11 12th September Bye

SASC  Leopards

It was a tough game against Nova Galaxy on Saturday but the girls pushed hard and played incredibly well considering they were a team player down. Well done on a fabulous season. It has been really lovely to play even though there was only a limited amount of games. All the girls have improved and have really found their niche on the court. I can see where they feel most comfortable and where their skills lie. I am always really impressed with the team spirit and team work that goes into training and to the games. Ramona is awarded player of the week with her excellent efforts in GK. Good luck everyone next year in your netball adventures.

Buffy Phillips

16 Red

The 16 Red netball team concluded their season on Saturday with a ‘friendly match’ against Out of Touch. The games was played in excellent weather conditions and in excellent spirit. The girls from both teams enjoyed the opportunity to catch up on the game that they missed from the washed out round earlier in the season. The teams were evenly matched and the result reflected this. The nature of the match also allowed form some players to play in various positions. Again our girls played fairly and to their best ability. Well done girls.


Team Date Score SASC Player of the Match
SASC Opens 1st Blue 12th September W. 6- 1 Lily Kable
SASC Opens 1st Red 12th September L. 0 – 12
SASC 15 RED 12th September L. 1 – 8 Laura Moorhead

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