Scots All Saints Equestrian

Scots All Saints College Equestrian Program is a co-curricular program designed to allow students who have their own horses to train and compete during the summer periods. It is offered as a co-curricular activity throughout the year as part of the ‘Active Afternoons’ program on All Saints Campus and Scots Campus. Students can also be involved in the equestrian program and participate in other co-curricular activities.

The students who are doing equestrian as a summer sport will travel to the venue where their horses are kept on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons and train their horses or undergo instruction. They will then use the time on weekends to either compete or continue with training instruction.

For those students taking Equestrian as summer sport is compulsory that at least 2 full day competitions/clinics/club days etc are attended each term.

Equestrian Information Booklet

Equestrian Brochure

Interschool Competitions

The school participates in Interschool competitions. There may be other events that come up throughout the year that students will be encouraged to attend. Some of which include:

  • Scots All Saints College Showjumping Day when held (usually during the annual College Community event)
  • The North West Equestrian Expo at Coonabarabran (early June)  AND/OR
  • Interschools Horse Extravaganza, Tamworth (October)

Agistment on Campus

The school offers boarders agistment on the Scots Campus and All Saints Campus on a term basis. Students have a choice of:

  1. Shared paddocks
  2.  Large private yards (20m by 25m) with rubber lined shelter constructed of metal railing.
  3.  Combination of both of the above (Paddock in daytime, yard at night)

The school has a full showjumping course, a grass dressage arena and round yard for riding.

Instruction in showjumping and flat work is offered by qualified instructors on campus for any interested students.


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